Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ghosts, suspense, and steamy romance, GULL HARBOR by @k_knightbooks is a #99 #GreatBookDeal

Gull Harbor
Kathryn Knight

For psychic medium Claire Linden, the idea of tackling a haunted house is less daunting than seeing Max Baron again. Five years after he disappeared from her life, he's in the same Cape Cod town where she'll spend her summer. Can she handle a dangerous ghost and an ex-boyfriend with secrets of his own?

With more than sixty reviews averaging five stars, don’t miss this spooky ghost story spiked with steamy romance while it's only $0.99!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Sexy & addictive historical romance, Secret Lives Series by @ColleenConnally #GreatBookDeal

Romance, scandal, mystery

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Conspiracy, sacrifice, deceit...

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Addictive, engaging, clever...

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Colleen Connally spins a tale that scoops up the reader and transports them into action, romance and intrigue. -- COFFEE TIME ROMANCE & MORE CTRR Award

 "Kept me on the edge of my seat... The suspense kept my heart racing..." RISQUE REVIEWS -Top Choice Award

With more than seven hundred reviews averaging four-plus stars and always priced 'less than a latte',  don’t miss this sexy historical romance series.

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Seductive Secrets
Broken Legacy
Seductive Lies

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fun, witty romantic suspense, Chasing Justice by @DStewartauthor is a #FREE #GreatBookDeal

Piper Anderson Series
Danielle Stewart
Piper Anderson has been given a fresh start in the picturesque town of Edenville, North Carolina. But her plans of settling into a normal life are derailed when she witnesses a prominent judge in her community committing a violent assault. Running from her own past and fueled by a passion to make the judge answer for his crimes, Piper is forced to decide if she’ll play by the rules or achieve justice in her own way. 

Complicating things further, Piper finds herself fighting a powerful attraction to rookie cop, Bobby Wright. Although she’s increasingly enamored with Bobby, his staunch belief in the justice system is in stark contrast to her own. She may not share his opinions about the effectiveness of the law, but she certainly can’t deny how safe she feels when she’s in his arms or how every kiss leaves her desperate for more. 

For Piper, the idea of finally living an ordinary life with a man to love is tempting. However, fate keeps placing the judge, quite literally, in her path. Will she decide the only way to win is to be as wicked as the judge, but with righteous intentions? And more importantly, will Bobby choose to let her go, or follow her as she crosses the line and takes justice into her own hands? 

With more than a thousand reviews in the series averaging four-plus stars and the fact that you can start the series FREE, don’t miss this engaging and hard to put down romantic suspense.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Twists, Thrills, and SciFi Intrigue, PURIFIED by @sstaubin01 is a $0.99 #GreatBookDeal!

Brian Robert Smith

“There’s no use trying to escape. You’re miles from anywhere. You have no clothes, no food, no money... You’re dead, Mason.” 

Mason Bushing died over a year ago, but his life was saved through an unauthorized experiment with a drug called Purify. When he awakens in a strange place, all Mason wants is his old life back. His plans change after he discovers his wife is more interested in the insurance money than seeing him alive. His best friend doesn’t believe his story, and after he almost kills his wife’s new boyfriend, fraud and assault charges loom. 

When a detective is assigned the case, his suspicions are raised by lies, disturbing coincidences, and related homicides. Mason becomes his prime suspect, and he’s forced to run again. 

Imagine having to run from someone who saved your life. Imagine everyone thinking you’re dead, and waking up to questions, accusations, conspiracies and murder. What would you do if you were Purified? 

With more than eighty reviews averaging four stars, don’t miss this bestselling thriller!

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